060717__we come into this world alone, and we leave alone__

Mario thinks that I’m still teasing you, that I haven’t really told you what happened yet. The details of my life feel like a dream. Sometimes I’m not sure what was reality, what I saw and what I dreamt.

Everyone comes into this world alone when they’re born, and when we die we die alone.

The day of my mom’s death was like any other. My mom came into the room where my sisters and I slept and gave me my daily tasks for the day – get my sisters ready for school, make sure my sisters are fed and leave on time so I don’t miss the bus. This was my life from the time I moved to Arizona until 091202. 

That was the day I woke up. The day that changed my life forever. The day that I realized how fragile life is, how unfair that we come into this life and that we love, naturally, a feeling that just comes from within, and one day that person is just gone. Many people tried to comfort me and explain why my mother died, and where she went. But I know the truth. My mother died because of an accident she didn’t see coming. And she didn’t go anywhere. Her essence, the thing that made her who she was, her qualities…they were gone. And one day mine would be too. I cried myself to sleep that night, the hardest I’d ever cried in my entire life…

The next morning it was like nothing happened. The world moved on. And I had to as well. I started looking at life differently, and people as well. I still do

Life can be gone in an instant. And we’re all headed towards the saddest tragedy of our human existence. Inside we feel like we could live forever, laugh forever but one day it stops. All we have from now until then are the choices we make. Every. Single. Day.  


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