052817__the start__

For years I’ve wanted to write down everything… the things I’ve seen, the things I’ve learned, my thoughts – I want to document my life

So much has happened in my 27 years… I’ve been told I should write a book! This is where I’ll start though and we’ll see where it goes

The hardest part for me is picking a place in my life to bring you in. Part of me wants to start as far back as I can remember and catch you up

Another part of me wants to start in the present, since it’s the only moment that exists. Let’s start with the title of my blog…


__born into a broken generation__


I’m not sure why I chose this title originally. I guess I’ve always felt out of place. Like I was born in the wrong generation. From a very early age I realized that there’s a lot of evil crap in the world and I began to question why suffering existed. I question a lot of things, everything. Ask my teachers, classmates, close friends and family. I like to ask questions.

Now I know that I was both right and wrong. There are definitely many things “broken” in the world we live in – the existence of poverty, slavery, racism, death, war, suffering, inequality, etc. are aspects of life that will never feel right. We’ll always question “why” it’s happening.

But I wasn’t born in the wrong generation because that would mean I had a choice. No one chooses when they’re born. We wake up wherever we wake up, in whatever family we wake up in and from there life starts. And those are the only two certainties we know – who our family is and that we’re alive, everything else is our choices and our thoughts.

I’m here, now, and this is my story.


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